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Group Updates 4.30.19

Published onApr 30, 2019
Group Updates 4.30.19

HERE is the survey for launch dates

Please email [email protected]


everything ordered, no info needed, need calipers to measure the lens and we need

need: calipers and weights

pass info to mechanical for physical sizes and software for programming

they are reading through the github to try and figure it out and don’t really need help

set up to test with the library with the correct cable.


worked with the water jet and they cut 2 of the walls and we needed to file it down and so they need to figure out what needs to get inside

put all of the components into the spreadsheets

things left are to mill the rails and maybe 3D print the tops


voltage and amperage so we need to figure out how long things will be on for the flight

we need to find out the mass of the battery

plug in the components to see if it can power it and how long it will last


got a new GPS and that’s about it

they are going to test if the telemetry radio can transmit

greg is going to bring the piece necessary to test


trying to work on software to read data from the camera we need to have physical device (need things from the sensor group)

need to try and get the code from the other computer

Component orientation:

Camera should be facing down and we need to have the radios facing down as well so we have to have that in mind to but we need to know antennas for GPS and 2 antennas for comms

Temperature regulation:

we don’t want the system to overheat, and we also don’t want things to get too cold

styrofoam for insulation (1/8 inch if possible of styrofoam)


we can use styrofoam as insulation to try and keep it safe. also try and see

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