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Mission 4: Share Out! Exhibition Build and Data Presentation [BETA]

Published onSep 23, 2019
Mission 4: Share Out! Exhibition Build and Data Presentation [BETA]

In this mission, we’ll process our data and prepare it in an exhibition format for a share-out! We’ll showcase not only the final work--including aerial art and processed data--but also the engineering process itself, sharing challenges, successes, and iterations in the cubesat design cycle.

This mission is still open-ended, and we are excited to see how people do it! Please share in the comments below, or email us what you end up doing.

Resources for Data Share-Out:

Collecting + Processing Data.

Imaging and Mapping:

For the Raspberry Pi-cam:

Open-Source Mapping Tools .

Example Data Collection:

Space art from a windy test launch!

Video showing micro:bit data streaming onto Scratch

Avery’s Share-out from a Playtest:

Some images + reflections from my rapid prototyping (09 OCT 2019) :::

I opted for a standard ‘cube’ design, and wanted the payload to include both the Pi Zero + IR camera (NOIR) as well as ‘gravity art’ components. The PiCam + battery had to be “mounted” to the mocksat such that it stayed fixed in position for consistent image-gathering. For the PiCam, it’s also important to have easy access to the battery, such that it can be unplugged when not in use or easily changed with another (charged) one.

The final prototype weighed 56 grams; when the PiCam, battery, and zip-ties (for balloon attachment) were added, the total mass was 152 grams.

Final prototype, including zip-ties for mounting (or keeping the cubesat securely closed during the flight!)

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