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Spring 2019 Lecture 6

Published onApr 16, 2019
Spring 2019 Lecture 6

Update from Paula on 4/10/19:

Hello lovely people!

Here are some updates from the session yesterday and a couple of reminders:

1. Subsystems: please remember to finish your budgets! Special note to the mechanical team to finish the CAD walls and start the "CAD Tetris" so we can hit the machine shop on the 23rd! :)

2. Subsystems: please also document what you are doing! If the info is not out there, it is really hard to help and to integrate the entire model by the end of the semester!

3. Schedule for the weeks to come:

- 04/16: Invited Speaker

- 04/23: Build

- 04/30: Build

- 05/07: (Tentatively) Prepare/test in LL

- 05/14: Integrate

- 05/21: Integrate

- 05/28: Test and flight preparation

- 06/01 or 02?: Ballon Launch

Comment on 04/16:

Next week is Spring Break in many schools and I am not going to be in town (I’ll go to Brazil for a week due to a family medical emergency). We didn’t want to have many of you missing a build day, so we are going to host an informal talk with our invited speaker: Ewan Douglas, Professor at the Arizona State University. :)

Comment on the launch date:

As we are finishing on May 28th, the perfect calendar fit would be launching on the following weekend, June 1 or 2. I’ve heard some of you might be taking SAT on that date, so please answer the following pool so we could set the best date for the field trip! :) (Reminding that the launch is dependent on weather conditions, so we are going to have to reserve two dates for it: the plan A and the back up!)

Thank you thank you,Paula:)

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